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Sober Isnt Boring: Reasons to Love Sobriety Benefits of Soberiety

The idea of sobriety can feel boring or lame, and like it’s only an option for someone who’shit rock bottomand had to become sober because they had no other choice. For some, alcohol and drug use creates issues itself. You’ve kept using to help escape the consequences of those situations.

What is the main root of addiction?

The root causes of addiction include trauma, mental health struggles, and genetic predisposition. However, it's important to keep in mind that there is no one cause of addiction. No one can completely predict who will become addicted after substance abuse and who will not.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in sobriety, but sponsoring early isn’t one of them. My first attempt at sobriety only lasted 5 months. We started on my 4th step while I was still in rehab. What I mean by that is that I got with a sponsor immediately—while I was still in rehab. I started working the 12 steps with him while I was still in rehab.

There’s Life Beyond Addiction

Behavioral therapy can help people with social anxiety learn and apply healthy ways of coping with feelings of anxiety without relying on drugs or alcohol. Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time.

fear of being sober

If you’re scared of becoming sober, there are a few things that you can do to ease your fears. First, it’s important to educate yourself about sobriety. There are many myths about sobriety that can cause people to fear of being sober feel scared. However, the more you know about sobriety, the less scary it will seem. If you’re scared of becoming sober, that’s okay. Feeling scared is normal when you’re making such a significant life change.

They are Afraid of Failure

As you get further in your recovery, you’ll realize that the decisions you’ve made to remain sober bring you much more joy than fear. I remember when I first got sober, I was concerned about giving up drugs and alcohol forever. The word forever held a great deal of weight. That meant that no matter what, no matter what I was going through, how bored I was, or how I was feeling, I had to completely abstain. I was afraid of sobriety because I was afraid that I was going to be boring and dull – that no one would like me anymore. Turns out, no one liked me before I got sober.

  • If you didn’t want to change, you wouldn’t bother to get sober.
  • However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to please everyone.
  • Staying sober means staying clean, and that alone can be a scary thought for many addicts and alcoholics.
  • People get sober for a lot of reasons, most of which usually involve really difficult, unhealthy situations.
  • These groups can give you the support and encouragement needed to overcome your fears.

In these situations, recognize what it means to you, personally, to recover. While it’s easy to focus on what other people think, it’s more important to recognize the opportunities that are presented to you when you improve your dependency. After detox, it’s easy to come to the realization that there are people who are still standing by your side that probably should not be. You recognize what you’ve put them through, you’re ashamed of it and you wish you could take it back. Yet, at the same time, it may feel better just to give in and use because that’s what they expect from you. If you try to stop using and fail, you’re disappointing them all over again.